Why did the Chinese come up with yin yang theory 2500 years ago?

Why isn’t this theory taken seriously outside Asia?

I believe its time to think seriously about yin yang and research it from all angles.  So I will be publishing interviews, blog posts, videos and podcasts, with as much as possible translated into Chinese and distributed both via Western and Chinese social media.

ab-profile-picI am doing this from Wudang Mountain, Central China where I moved in November 2014.  Before moving to China I was living in New York City.  I noticed things didn’t seem very balanced in the US, and thus this research began.

Wudang Mountain for the Chinese is a little like Jerusalem for the West – its a sacred place where important ideas shaping cultural thought come from.  I should note that I am atheist and am not in search of spirituality.  However I am friendly to religion and believe that despite its flaws, Christianity in the west is being treated unfairly.

The Chinese are very friendly and love to share their thoughts on their philosophy.  Hopefully we can share ideas on both sides.  And maybe we can learn together about how the east and west each think about the world.

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