About Yin Yang Theory

Yin Yang Theory is a project to demonstrate that the ancient Chinese concept of Yin and Yang and finding the Middle Way are the foundational ideas underlying nature and evolution. The goal is for us to enter a new era – focused on balance.

I believe it represents a force along the lines of electricity or magnetism and can be measured mathematically. To demonstrate this I’m combining western science, Chinese philosophy and a study of history.

This requires digging into extremely controversial topics by western standards. The biggest red pills are discussed on this site. I’m only interested in things that provably work. If its controversial that is perfectly fine, but it has to work.

About Adrian

I was born in Tasmania, Australia and have lived all over the world, including the US, Latin America and Europe. For part of this project I moved to Wudang Mountain in Central China for 18 months to learn about Chinese culture first hand. I’ve done extensive travel as part of this work including North Korea, Cuba, the Middle East and spending 10 days living with Indigenous Indians in the Amazon jungle. I like to see things first hand. You can see my travel photography here: http://photos.adrianbye.com/.

My business background is internet marketing and I have been quite successful at this. You can see my business interview site here: http://meetinnovators.com/

I stumbled onto this project when I was diagnosed at age 38 with Aspergers. While the diagnosis was correct, it had a very bad impact on me as it only focused on my weaknesses. Did I not have any strengths? I learned over time that guys like me seem to either end up as mass shooters or billionaires. I like money so for me the choice was clear — but I understand the mindset of the angry white guy.

As people like me tend to do, I started to research aspergers science intensively, including interviewing top scientists. After several years I started to learn a serious corruption has occured in western science. Yin Yang Theory is a result of having lived all over the world and noticing the patterns in what works — and from lots of experience with what doesn’t.

Although I draw heavily from ideas from the extreme right for this work, I am a centrist. I want to know what is true and how to make things work for everyone, including you, no matter your race, gender, orientation, class or any other group. Sure, lets talk about weaknesses, but lets build on your strengths so you can make a positive contribution to the world. I expect nothing less than your best.