Introduction To The Era Of Balance

I am posting these ideas in incomplete form, to begin a discussion. I will be updating as I receive feedback. This is being posted on October 1, the Chinese National Day as a gift to China, and also to mark the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation which was started by Martin Luther in October 1517.

The West is very unstable right now due to an incorrect philosophical foundation known as metaphysics. The Chinese concept of Yin and Yang, and finding “the middle way” is correct and scientifically valid. We can see this is true due to a number of major errors that have been introduced into western science in the last 60 years. It is time to end the era of reason (the enlightenment) and enter into a new era of balance. This is a process of paradigm change described in the famous book of scientific philosophy named “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” by Thomas Kuhn[1].


Why has the white race historically been the most successful?
If we look at average IQ scores by race, we see this:
Jewish: 113
East Asian:106
White: 100
Hispanic: 90
sub-Saharan African: 70
What is important to notice is that the white race is not the most intelligent, nor is it the least intelligent. It is in the middle. I believe the white race managed to evolve into a stable balance, finding “the middle way” in its IQ across the population over a long period of time, resulting in a highly successful civilization.


Why have westerners become so fat?
In the 1970’s westerners received nutrition guidelines that told us to eat low fat. Today this means most western food contains a lot of carbohydrates which cause very high blood sugar, leading to diabetes and early death. In the last few years low carbohydrate and ketogenic diets have become very popular in the west, which keep blood sugar in a stable level, around 83 mg/dl. Eating low carb means blood sugar isn’t too high and not too low, it finds “the middle way”.
In addition, research is starting to indicate that high blood sugar may be responsible for many forms of cancer[2], and Alzheimer’s disease[3].


Why has string theory in physics been such a failure?

String theory is an attempt to use mathematics to model the theory of everything. It has failed because the underlying philosophy is wrong. Westerners are attempting to use reason or enlightenment thinking to simplify a physics concept down to a single calculation. Instead they should be thinking about the philosophical concept of finding “the middle way”. The formula E=MC2 demonstrates that mass and energy are equivalent but opposing forces.

This concept of balance and finding the middle way is the most fundamental concept in nature, and is valid science. It is not a soft, vague idea, but instead a rigid set of ranges that must be adhered to in order for things to work well. This is missing in western thought. Westerners have been raised in the era of the enlightenment where everything can supposedly be solved by applying reason, but it can’t. We’re finally able to see this due to the large number of errors appearing in western science. I have highlighted some of them above.

It is time to enter a new era, of balance, based on the Chinese philosophical ideas of Yin Yang Theory and finding the middle way.
Yin Yang Theory can be thought of as the fundamental metaphysics underlying all activity in the universe. It can also be thought of as a force, along the lines of gravity, electricity and magnetism which in time will be mathematically understood. The initial mathematics are simple – for example, in our race/IQ example above, a stable population should have an average IQ of 100. This means if Asian populations want to be stabilized, their average IQ needs to come down from an average of 106 to 100. And the reverse applies to sub saharan African countries; their average IQ needs to go up from 70 to 100. I strongly suspect that doing this will largely solve the problems of both regions.
I believe Nazism was a crude method of regaining cultural balance by removing people that were not part of traditional white german culture and therefore outside these IQ ranges and with different cultural approaches to life. It is also worth noting that the philosophical roots of Nazism were in eastern philosophy and the swastika is an ancient Hindu symbol.

I absolutely believe we can have highly successful multiracial, multicultural societies – but the average IQ will need to be properly balanced and everyone will need to cooperate as one unified race, instead of the aggressive racial tribalism we see today in the USA. Living over a decade in Latin America has made it clear to me that different races can get along happily.

By today’s standards this is an unorthodox approach. However in his day, Galileo applied mathematics to physics, when at the time mathematics was only for abstract things, not reality.

“Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so”
― Galileo Galilei

Understanding Yin Yang Theory

In any system the masculine is “yang” and the feminine is “yin”. These are opposing yet complimentary forces and the two work together to find a balance. When a balance is found, good things will happen. The higher quality that balance is, the more good things will happen. We’ve never been able to understand how major transitions in evolution happen such as how we evolved from monkeys into cooperative human societies with language. While trivially simple, I do believe this is the process. And, as more things are in balance, more good things will happen.
This middle ground should be achieved naturally, using the Chinese concepts of wu wei and ziran, allowing nature to gently find the correct path. When a system is designed properly, the power dynamic will swing back and forth like a pendulum. As the pendulum swings, it goes through 5 major phases, which is known as 5 phases theory in chinese thought. These phases are Spring, Summer, Earth, Autumn and Winter. 5 phases theory can describe blood sugar variation, political elections and cultural movements to name a few.

There are examples of Yin Yang Theory to be found everywhere. A man and a woman can form a relationship and have a baby. In western democracy the left and right cooperate politically for the benefit of the population. A person buys something from a seller and new value is produced for both. In all cases two opposing entities cooperate for their mutual benefit. 1+1 = 3.

Unfortunately western thought is based on the enlightenment concept of reason. And despite democracy being ingrained in western society, the historically christian concept of good vs evil underlies most of western thinking. Those on the left perceive themselves as good, and their opposition are evil. The reality is that truth lies somewhere in between reason and morality, a frustratingly vague concept for me, but I believe it to be correct. And we should think about truth in terms of quality, and continually try to improve it.

Yin Yang Theory is obviously a very simple concept, so its important to understand why it hasn’t been noticed before.

There are two major reasons, both of which are making this problem very difficult to solve.

The first is that in the 1960’s the West went through a major cultural transformation, removing the right wing viewpoint out of academia. Topics like race and IQ have become incredibly taboo in the drive to create racial equality and integrate black people into mainstream American life. This integration has been mostly successful. But it has come at the cost of corrupting a lot of science. As an example of the level of western censorship in race and IQ, James Watson, the discover of DNA and one of the most important scientists in history was aggressively attacked for discussing race and IQ. People refused to work with him and in time he was forced to sell his Nobel Prize in order to pay his debts.[4] Deeply researching race and IQ topics inside western academia today is mostly impossible and is often labelled as hate speech which can result in fines and jail time. There is no censorship on this topic in China however.

If we consider that thought itself needs to be in balance, finding the middle way and aiming for the highest quality possible, this means that removing the right out of academia has made many areas of science, and by extension, western thought unbalanced.

Why is western science failing?

A huge number of critical studies in western science are now being found to be incorrect.[5]

Science relies on two approaches to know what is true. It may sound simple to know what is true, but it is actually very difficult. In fact my best answer is that “it works”.

Here’s how science does its job:

Approach #1: We know something works for a fact. For example, if you are hosting a dinner party, and are wondering what to provide for your guests, you may want to cook a meal that was extremely popular with similar guests in the past. Since it was successful in the past, it is very likely to be successful again. This is known as deductive reasoning. We aren’t guessing, we know.

Approach #2: We take an educated guess as to what works and measure the outcome using statistics. This is called inductive reasoning and is how a large amount of science is done today.

If we’re using inductive reasoning for a hosting a dinner party, we will guess at what our guests will enjoy. But, here’s the problem: since western academia kicked the right out in the 1960’s all the guesses are provided by the left. Now after 60 years those guesses have a very strong leftist bias. This would be like hosting a dinner party and having a very feminine girl make the all the decisions. She’ll naturally make decisions that make the most sense to her and likely pleasing to female guests. But for much higher quality dinner party planning, both a male and a female will make the guesses together, jointly providing their perspectives for the benefit of all guests.

Additionally, while statistics have been used to measure the accuracy of those guesses, it turns out the statistical measurement isn’t very accurate. There is a process now known as p-hacking where it has been found scientists are able to manipulate data to present any outcome they want.[6]

These tend to result in a leftist bias to large amounts of science. What is particularly distressing is that the religious concept of “good vs evil” seems to have been applied to a lot of these guesses leading to particularly damaging outcomes. One example is the low fat diet- which seems likely that it was promoted in order to encourage people to eat less meat. The outcome of eating a lot of carbohydrates and the huge growth in diabetes has been a massive tragedy for the health of people worldwide.

This problem of induction is a well known philosophical problem called the “Problem of Induction” by David Hume, and until now there has been no clear solution.

I propose two solutions:
The first is that academia must be reintegrated with the left and right working together. This will dramatically increase the quality of guesses since the metaphysical foundations will be in balance.

The second approach is to look for ways to measure this middle range where things reach balance and work well. One example above, is pegging the average IQ of a population at 100. Another is maintaining stable blood sugar, around 83 mg/dl. It seems likely that a lot of these yinyang systems can be measured once we know how to do so. Then we can apply that knowledge to unstable systems, stabilizing them. In addition, when we solve some of the major puzzles, I expect we’ll be able to make a large number of discoveries in related areas.


An important concept in science is falsification. How can I falsify this work, demonstrating when it doesn’t work, and proving that my ideas are correct?

The answer is that I don’t have to. Western leftist academia has already made the case for falsification. There are large areas that western scientists are simply unable to solve, due to their one sided bias.

As one example, western academia has been unable to provide a clear explanation for aspergers syndrome, which in most cases is simply caused by human intelligence exceeding its natural limit. Science has provided us with names for a huge number of conditions – yet we do not even have a name for such a simple concept. Instead we are given the illusion that human intelligence can endlessly increase. I discuss this in more detail next.

Because so many fields of western science at at such a low quality these days, reintegrating the right should provide a massive amount of progress in many fields simultaneously

Why did I look into these topics?
In 2010 at age 38 I was diagnosed with Aspergers, on the suggestion of my father. I assumed it would be a good idea to learn about my brain, and that science could help improve my life, as well as build on my strengths. Aspergers is a variant of autism, characterized by social problems and intense focus. It is “mysterious” since the cause is supposedly unknown, and the method of transmission is also supposedly unknown.

Instead of being helped by the diagnosis, it caused a lot of damage in my life, including severe depression and feeling suicidal for several years. The feedback gently and kindly provided by western science was that “you have sympathy but not empathy”. How can you go through life as a person without empathy? I was handed my new identity, Aspergers, and guaranteed a terrible life with seemingly no solution.

But, this diagnosis is normally given to kids without resources or life experience. I was older and had both. I had lived all over the world, primarily in Latin America as an adult (I grew up in Australia). Something seemed seriously wrong with this diagnosis but I had no idea what it was. I decided to convert my business interview website to also conduct interviews with leading neuroscientists including many leading researchers for Aspergers[7]. I came to realize they really didn’t have a lot of clarity about what they were doing. They were expert at describing my weaknesses but had nothing to offer about my strengths.

But the big breakthrough finally arrived when I began to understand Simon Baron Cohen’s systemizer / empathizer theory of Aspergers[8]. He describes the Aspergers population as “super systemizers”. You will often see kids with Aspergers stacking toy blocks and organizing things such as toys or tin cans. This fit my own life experience as well, as I like to keep my life well organized. I started to suspect that what was being described as “systemizing” was actually a description of intelligence.

The next big breakthrough came when I had the insight that since Jews were an intelligent population and maybe Jews also had a very high rate of Aspergers among their population, causing them to be expelled from so many countries. This was confirmed when I found out that Aspergers came from Hans Asperger, who was a scientist working for the Nazis in WWII[9] , and the original paper describing Aspergers syndrome was first published in 1943[10]. We have confirmation at least one of Dr Asperger’s patients was Jewish, a woman named Elfriede Jelinek[11]. We do not have confirmation of the rest being Jews due to western censorship and social taboo, however it seems likely and I expect this information to surface at some point. Jews have the highest IQ of any racial group, so it seems impossible they are able to maintain a high IQ and not have a high incidence of Aspergers among their population. We do have confirmation of a very high rate of autism in South Korea, a high IQ population[12] In addition they have found lower rates of autism among black and hispanic populations, both lower IQ populations.[13]

At this stage I was not aware there were differences in racial groups and IQ. This topic is never discussed in the West, so I couldn’t really believe there were any differences between races. I had to confirm it for myself. So I decided to take a trip to the Amazon jungle in Southern Colombia, to spend 10 days living with three indigenous Indian tribal groups. If there really were racial IQ differences, I should expect to find the indigenous Indians to be of low intelligence, and notice low levels of systemizing ability in their communities. And, that is what I found [14]. It was easy for me to be with them since I speak Spanish and they did too. They were quite childlike in their manner, and fun to be around. They cooked fish in batches and did have some shared big huts to live in, but their level of systemizing didn’t extend beyond that, they had no real technology of their own. Their intelligence level was extremely low perhaps like a 10 year old in the west. I had a great time staying with them and would be very happy to go back, I felt very comfortable with them. Westerners are very critical of low intelligence making this topic taboo. I completely disagree with this assessment and now know they are an important part of any population.

I was also extremely relieved for myself because it meant racial IQ differences were true, and while I may have many faults, I also have real strengths in very high intelligence. This may seem minor but when you’ve had an incredibly powerful label like “Aspergers” and “no empathy” applied to your identity, it completely collapses your sense of who you are. Which is what it is intended to do, to focus entirely on your faults and weaknesses. So instead of thinking of myself as a person with Aspergers and “having sympathy but not empathy” I changed to thinking of myself more like a difficult Jewish person, and a strong systemizer. This became my new identity and I became far more happy as a result.
Thus was born the genesis for Yin Yang Theory — realizing there were two sides to this topic, but only one of them was being presented by leftist academia.

This is also similar to the dynamics underlying the Protestant Reformation. Back in the 1500’s, the “truth” of the bible was interpreted by the Catholic Church and made available in Latin only. Martin Luther breached this censorship of the Catholic Church and translated the bible into the local language, enabling people to live by their own understanding of the bible. This unleashed a huge transformation in Europe as people no longer were forced to live in under the power of the Church. This transferred power back to the people. A similar movement is needed in western countries today, but instead of the Church, this power needs to be taken away from Academia.

I found a lot more things became clear about what is going on with Aspergers research. There’s a very simple question academia has no answer to — what happens when intelligence reaches its maximum? Since the 1960s we’ve been implicitly been told that intelligence can just continue up and up. So why don’t we have people with an IQ of 250? Or 500? Or 1000? The fact that we don’t have people like this, and that academia has no name or even information about what happens when intelligence reaches the maximum is a clear signal something strange is going on in academia.

In fact academia likes to tell us we have no real information about intelligence at all and it just simply is not understood yet. This is not true. I firmly believe systemizing, or the application of logic is the fundamental concept underlying intelligence. And, Aspergers is the condition that occurs when intelligence reaches the maximum possible for humans. And, you will find a large number of successful and wealthy business people have mild Aspergers. Their systemizing ability enables them to create incredibly innovative businesses.

The reason this faulty, one-sided research is happening is because academia has been taken over by the left. They don’t value intelligence and instead are working to make everyone equal. So these topics fall into their blind spot and are highly stigmatized.
The second reason we don’t understand this idea of yin and yang and balance is critically important to understand. Western civilization is based on Judeo-Christian values, in particular Christianity. Jesus was a Jew, as were all the Apostles, and promotion of early Christianity was done by Jewish synagogues throughout the Roman Empire. In fact, in the early days of Christianity you had to convert to Judaism and be circumcised in order to become a Christian[15]. Over thousands of years Christianity has been modified and changed to work more successfully by the white populations of Europe, so while Christianity is originally descended from Judaism it is quite different today. But it shares this Jewish metaphysical foundation.

The problem is that the foundations of Jewish ideas are incorrect. This is because Judaism is designed to create a population with a very high IQ. High intelligence is strongly rewarded within Judaism and those with a high IQ are encouraged to have more children. Other approaches for ensuring a high IQ is where Jews describe themselves as “chosen” (by “god”), and that they must maintain racial purity and not intermarry[16]. This is taken particularly seriously in Israel[17]. Converting to Judaism is also very difficult for non jews, ensuring Jewish high IQ racial purity is maintained as much as possible.[18]

This racial purity was particularly emphasized by Ezra, the Jewish scribe that lived 2500 years ago, and since that time Jews have tried hard to maintain it, through this religious eugenics.

While it might sound like a good idea, since the Jewish population tends to have a very high IQ they are unable to live together in one place, making them weak and unstable. They have too much “yang”. Jews were crushed by the Roman empire and since that time have spread out across Europe and worldwide, only recently regaining control of Palestine, now named Israel in 1948. While many Jews move to Israel, most do not and large numbers are leaving[19]. Jewish populations have ended up with a higher IQ than East Asians, making their populations even more unstable.
On the most fundamental level Judaism is a racial eugenic strategy designed to create a high IQ, and in doing so it is trying to break the laws of nature. Throughout history many leaders such as Napoleon have attempted to fully assimilate Jews who always refuse citing their religion. And since the foundations of western thought are based on Christianity which is descended from Judaism, there has been no ability to respond as freedom of religion can always be cited by Jews.

Jews are waiting for the Messiah to come so they can all return to live in Israel. A famous Jewish saying is “Next year in Jerusalem”[20]. But how will a Messiah enable a high IQ Jewish population to live together? The truth is that this cannot happen.

Since Jews have a very high intelligence they end up in very powerful positions in Western societies. So the strategy works — for a while, until people realize something is wrong and finally expel them. Jews have been expelled at least 109 times throughout history across thousands of years and many different cultures[21]. In hindsight it surprises me that the West has built its philosophical foundations on ideas drawn from a tribal group with such a large number of problems.

Jews have a powerful evolutionary incentive to ensure we don’t understand this metaphysical concept of the middle way and balance, because once we do, their religious eugenic strategy will no longer work.

To be clear: I am not suggesting Jews today should be expelled or that any form of violence against Jews is acceptable. It isn’t and I am firmly against violence of any kind and will condemn it as much as necessary. But these topics do need to be discussed in a transparent and honest manner. I am also not suggesting Jews are aware of what I am describing in this post. These things happened organically, and Jews are doing their best, just as the rest of us are. The problem is that Judaism has unintentionally evolved in a destructive manner.

Judaism, and the other descended religions of Christianity and Islam are based on monotheism, and in particular the “Covenant with God” by Abraham that supposedly confers special privileges upon Jews. However, if we draw from our global race/IQ averages and yin yang theory, we can see that balance and the middle way is actually the key. The most important concept is keeping populations balanced, just like you would keep the ratio of men and women balanced. This means that Asian Pantheism is actually the correct way to think about god, not monotheism, as pantheism describes everyone as being a part of god/nature, and not as a fear instilling entity in the sky.

Christianity, particularly Protestantism despite its Abrahamic roots has likely become the highest quality approach for Westerners given its historical success, and however I expect it will need to be converted to a pantheistic philosophy. I don’t think this will be too difficult as I believe a lot of it is already pantheistic. The advantage of Christianity becoming pantheistic is that it will provide a value system that completely aligns with science while enabling western values and western traditions. A fundamental tenet of pantheism and this “middle way” approach will mean guiding people between morality and reason. Reason has already been mostly integrated into Christianity thanks to the enlightenment.

In fact the entire concept of “religion” is flawed. Western society has learned the hard way about the problems the aggressive Abrahamic religions can cause, thus we the concept of separation of church and state. When religions are reformed to become pantheistic philosophies focused on balance, this separation of church and state will no longer be necessary, as democracy itself is fundamentally a yin yang system aimed at finding the middle way and achieving balance.

So, we will need to remove of the western concept of freedom of religion. And, religions will need to become pantheistic philosophical approaches to life, aimed at achieving balance or the middle way between reason and morality. For most religions this won’t be a problem, presuming their followers truly do want to follow the path of “god” or nature, instead of following variations of unstable ancient middle eastern tribalism. And in time I expect we’ll end up with mathematical certainty about the success of various philosophical approaches as we learn to apply math to pantheistic philosophy. This should mean permanent widespread happiness as we’ll all finally be living in true alignment with nature.

Understanding this situation with Judaism

This also becomes clearer why nobody found it before.. Asian philosophies generally have the right answer however their populations have always been out of balance so it is difficult for them to put together these pieces of the puzzle. And in the west we have the Jews who have a strong incentive for monotheism not to be replaced or questioned and have been able to instill powerful taboos around questioning their tribal activities.
Any criticism of Jews today is met immediately with outrage and accusations of anti-Semitism. If a negative discussion continues, Jews raise the holocaust and often burst into tears, ending the conversation. Questioning the Jews in the west is immediately is a career ending proposition, and my business career has just ended due to writing this post you are now reading.

But I find it absolutely unacceptable that any tribal group should be able to maneuver itself into a position where they are able to censor critical neuroscience, and those of children growing up with social problems like me. And, as it turns out, an entire new paradigm is being hidden by this artificially imposed taboo.

In fact, this taboo on questioning Jewish behavior is highly organized, where the well funded Anti Defamation League running regular surveys with one of the questions being “People hate Jews because of the way they behave”[22]. The ADL labels this as an “antisemitic canard” and runs programs to teach people it isn’t true. I find this extremely disturbing.

In fact, I do not hold the taboo of antisemitism as valid, as Jews are an artificially created race that is only able to maintain itself at the expense of other races. Jews will need to resolve this religious eugenics issue, bringing their population into balance and becoming fully multiracial just as the rest of western society has been. Other social stigmas such as racism and sexism are genuinely valid as they bring balance to real yin yang systems.

Again these issues can be peacefully resolved. But it will require determination to ensure they are discussed as Jews have a strong incentive to ensure they are not.

Wrong Yinyangs

In my opinion one of the worst phrases is “all things in moderation”. Or “lets meet in the middle”. Even the term “the middle way” is easily open to abuse. If we were in 1860 in the USA and discussing slavery, should there be a middle ground between slavery and freedom? Another example is the one state/two state solution discussion in Israel today, where neither appears to provide any solution.

It has also been suggested that there is a yin yang balance between Jews and Western countries with Jews providing innovation and advancement and western countries providing the foundation. But this is not true as Western countries do not need Jews to survive and will fare much better once the unbalanced Jewish ideologies are fixed.

This is why I have named this to be Yin Yang Theory rather than “the middle way” or something related to balance. We need to be focused on the parameters of the system itself; finding the masculine and feminine and adjusting the system until we’ve found a high quality middle ground which is mathematically measurable. If there is no mathematics to measure, it is likely we’re not dealing with a yinyang system and instead are forcing some unbalanced systems together.

China and Yin Yang Theory

I think this represents an incredible opportunity for China to become the leading country in the world. The topics I have raised here are incredibly stigmatized in the West and will be very difficult for Westerners to discuss. China has a deep history built on yin yang theory and Chinese people have an intuitive understanding of it.

The problem Chinese run into is they are too focused on the traditional texts in yin yang theory. This is understandable since China has a deep philosophical tradition. But I think the well known traditional Chinese philosophers such as Lao Ze and Confucius would agree that we should derive the truth from nature itself. Chinese thought can provide a great confirmation of truth – based on western science. One example of this is Tu Youyou, who discovered a treatment of malaria that has saved millions of lives[23]. And, clearly much of what I describe in this post is thinking from the Dao De Jing.

Science is our best approximation of truth and nature, so Chinese should be drawing from all the unbalanced areas of western science, and applying yinyang theory to them as I have here. Chinese academia is already experiencing problems in its universities due to unbalanced western ideology[24] so this is a natural, immediate fit. China has a strong yang society and can easily review all the science from the viewpoint of the right, or yang, making huge progress quickly. I encourage China to immediately apply this approach to all science in the country and will be happy to assist. This change will be extremely difficult for western countries so Chinese have a great head start.

The West and Yin Yang Theory

Many organizations in the west are working to reform academia. The best organization that is attempting to reform western academia in this manner I describe is named Heterdox Academy and was started by Professor Jon Haidt from NYU:

Other organizations that wish to reform academia in the west in a similar way include:

Campus Reform:
Bridge USA:
FIRE, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education:
Turning Point USA:

I believe the ideas they are missing to reforming academia are the fundamental metaphysical concepts I present here. It is time for the west to revisit the concepts of the protestant reformation, this time applied to reforming all western universities to reintegrate the right into all campuses and fully implementing Yin Yang Theory.

This is the beginning of the topics I have to share. Once this initial concept is understood, solutions become available across many problematic areas, including inequality, democracy, health care, the tax code, the legal system, terrorism and more. I will post about these in the coming weeks.