A question from a person with Aspergers

This message has been sent to researchers in the Aspergers/autism community. Comments below are welcome.

Since I was diagnosed with Aspergers 7 years ago, I have been troubled by what appears to be a simple question.

Many people seem to believe that intelligence naturally continues to increase indefinitely. However I can’t find proof this is correct.

I believe there is a natural limit to intelligence that results in Aspergers. I have high intelligence and I believe this is what caused Aspergers for me. I am aware not all highly intelligent people have Aspergers, but I do believe there is a natural limit to intelligence that will result in Aspergers eventually (causation, not correlation).

I also hear we don’t really understand intelligence and that IQ tests may not be accurate. If high intelligence does result in Aspergers, it would seem we should be investigating how intelligence and IQ work in great detail, especially with its relationship with Aspergers. The heritability of intelligence may be a major cause of Aspergers cases today which could be easily avoided.

Is this research happening? Because if it isn’t, this would indicate a major flaw in Aspergers research.

I have also sent this email to some of your colleagues, you are welcome to post comments either in your own name or anonymously as a guest.


If you have evidence that intelligence naturally increases indefinitely, I would love to see it.

Warm regards,


P.S. I am aware there are multiple causes of Aspergers/autism. I am specifically focused on the high IQ variant.